Websites that I read regularly and the reasons why I enjoy them.


As of June 2018, Reddit surpassed Facebook to become the US’s most-visited social media platform. Why then is Reddit the top internet discussion place for channel professionals? Here are four reasons:

  1. Anonymity. Redditors post under pseudonymous user names, and the only requirement for creating a Reddit account is a working email address. 

  2. Content quality. Reddit sorts posts and comments by their scores, and Reddit pushes submissions with high scores to the front page of their subreddit. 

  3. Lack of censorship. Reddit users, because of the anonymity the platform offers, are willing to reveal more about themselves and their interests, including their professional lives, than they would in other settings. 

  4. Channel demographics. According to Datto, 87% of MSPs are male, and 74% are under age 50.

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